Meet Our Volunteer

Board of Directors


Dale Thacker

Dale is a driving force for HALO. His passion for the program is evident in the amount of time and effort he has contributed through out the years. His knowledge and background are valuable as we move forward.


Ronda Herrmann-Stickel

Ronda has been a key player in bringing community awareness about the HALO program. Her professionalism and gentle nature is a keystone for the program.


Allen Kuizenga

Allen is passionate about supporting HALO. He invests much of his time, energy and resources to keep HALO in the air. 


Lorraine Dykstra

Lorraine joined the team in 2017. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge from past experience. Her quick wit is only matched by her keen fiscal sense and is a welcome contribution to the HALO program!


Tricia Nardia

Tricia is the programs resident historian with an amazing memory!  Her vast knowledge in the air ambulance field is valuable.  She has been involved with Southern Alberta

Medicair Society since it inception! 

Board Member

Greg Veilleux

Greg is a long term board member and draws on a wealth of experience in dealing with people in business.   Even though for a part of the year he is physically absent, he maintains constant communication remotely on all issues. 

Bruce Rieger

Bruce is a long term board member and is a well respected member of the community and in the cattle industry.  He is a great liaison between HALO and one of our largest supporters, the Drowning Ford Grazing Association. 

Board Member

Grenner Veilleux

Even though Grenner is a new board member, he has been volunteering for HALO for many years behind the scenes.  Besides bringing a young person's mindset and energy to the group, he has many talents including audio/visual abilities. 

Board Member

Blair Stuber

Blair has many connections in the community which run deep in the ranching industry.

He brings a common sense approach to the board!  Blair join the board in 2019. 

Board Member

Noella Krauss

Noella joined HALO in October of 2019.  She was previously a volunteer for HALO.  Noella is a go-getter and a great team player!

Board Member

Nicole Rath

Nicole joined the HALO Board in March of 2020.  Nicole was already an worthy and active volunteer for HALO!  Currently Nicole is employed as a Junior Judicial Clerk.  We welcome Nicole and her enthusiasm to the board!

Board Member

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