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Ronda Herrmann-Stickel

Vice-Chair, Board of Directors

my Story.

Ronda Herrmann-Stickel joined the HALO Air Ambulance Board of Directors in 2018.  In addition to joining the Executive Committee as Vice-Chair in 2019, Ronda serves on HALO’s Governance Committee. 


With a management career spanning 33 years, Ronda worked for London Drugs in several major urban centers across Alberta in senior leadership roles, including department manager, and assistant store manager, and 26 years as a store manager, including 15 years in Medicine Hat. Working for a large corporation was incredibly rewarding and provided many opportunities for growth, not only professionally but also personally. In addition to her management responsibilities, Ronda took on important internal initiatives, most notably, 17 years as a lead facilitator for London Drugs' internal training programs. Ronda also served at the corporate level with a term on the London Drugs Business Process Improvement Committee, which provided an opportunity to create meaningful change across the organization. Under her leadership, London Drugs supported community initiatives such as Food Banks, Women’s Shelters, Adopt-a-Family programs, the United Way, and Big Brothers & Big Sisters, and Ronda volunteered for the London Drugs ‘Child Identification Program’, leading, and ensuring the program was available in every store.


Ronda was raised on a mixed farm operation south of Schuler, has lived in a variety of places across Alberta during her career, and now lives on a mixed farm operation west of Hilda. After retiring from London Drugs, Ronda was exploring ways she could make an impact and continue contributing to her community, having heard a presentation from HALO in its earliest days as a member of the Sunrise Rotary Club, Ronda decided HALO might be just the right fit. Having spent time in both urban and rural Alberta, Ronda is acutely aware of how critical timely medical care can be in an emergency, especially those remotely situated to major centers. “HALO’s base in Medicine Hat, with the ability to respond swiftly to scene call emergencies, as well as search and rescue, fire rescue, interfacility-transfers, and law enforcement incidents is a win-win for Southern Albertans”.


Ronda is passionate about community service, with years of volunteering with women’s shelters, the Royal Purple, the Classroom Agricultural Program, Sunrise Rotary Club, Canadian Blood Services, 4-H, and many community events. Ronda has a keen interest in genealogy and antique refinishing, and when she isn’t volunteering, you will find her spending time with family and friends, taking photos, organizing brandings, or enjoying some time in the mountains. Ronda is committed to growing the HALO program and is excited about what is yet to come!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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