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the Beginning.

On the afternoon of August 4, 2001, a well-known Medicine Hat, Alberta, physician, and his family were traveling on Highway 41 South. They were involved in a motor vehicle collision and sadly, the doctor passed away at the scene.

While HALO Air Ambulance wouldn't fly its first mission for another 6 years, the outrage in the community that there wasn't a Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) program close enough to make a difference in the outcome was the inspiration for the HALO program.

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Bell 206 (HALO-2) w Paramedic & Stryker at MHRH Helipad 05MAR2019.jpg

our History.

From 2007 - 2018, HALO Air Ambulance operated a single-engine Bell 206 Longranger. HALO-2 responded to over 550 live-saving calls for service in the first 12 years of our program. The Bell 206 was a rescue helicopter modified into an air ambulance role.

The Bell 206 LongRanger was a two-bladed, single-engine, helicopter manufactured by Bell Helicopters at its Mirabel, Quebec facility. The 206L LongRanger is a stretched variant with a larger cabin which allowed for a modified stretcher to be carried internally.


HALO-2 served across southeastern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan for the first 12 years of the HALO program. Limited to day 'visual-flight rule' operation, and restricted in high winds and extreme temperatures HALO-2 was evenutally replaced by HALO-1 in October of 2018. 

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