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a symbol of hope


One of the HALO Air Ambulance Board of Directors' primary responsibilities is to set the direction of our organization through strategic planning.

A strategic plan or framework serves as a roadmap and as a tool for assessing progress. Working side-by-side with senior leadership, the Board plays an active and substantive role in developing, approving, and supporting HALO's strategic planning.


Purpose Statement

HALO is a symbol of hope, offering advanced life and emergency support services to individuals within our response area so they may live, work, play, and invest with confidence, knowing they are supported by a world-class program.


In our planning, actions, and interactions, HALO is committed to being...

  • Accountable

  • Authentic

  • Collaborative

  • Compassionate

  • Connected

  • Empathetic

  • Innovative

  • Resourceful

  • Safe

  • Selfless

  • Tenacious

  • Trusted


Strategic Plan

HALO is a critical service enhancing - even saving - the lives of people in Alberta. The organization owes its existence to the vision and tenacity of founders, donors, and community leaders who commit to providing multifaceted emergency supports centered on a core helicopter air ambulance service. Simply, the organization's decisions and actions matter.



Ensure access to stable funding from a diverse range of sources.

  1. Manage operations within the context of the Alberta Health Service agreement.

  2. Define and address the bias that results in HALO not being dispatched in all appropriate circumstances.

  3. Sustain corporate and individual donations.

  4. Evaluate planned giving as a tool to maximize contributions through generational wealth transfer


Operational Readiness

Minimize the risk that HALO is not ready to serve when called upon.

  1. Identify the situations that may lead to service interruption.

  2. Identify a plan to address the risk situations defined in #1 and implement mitigation within the capacity of the organization.

HALO-2 Rivervalley 2.JPG


Optimize the governance capacity at HALO.

  1. Ensure governance processes define board terms, as well as board member recruitment, training, and retention.

  2. Evaluate the potential of volunteer recruitment, training, and management to expand the capacity of the organization.

BK Scene Call.jpg


Optimize the executive and administrative capacity of HALO.

  1. Evaluate the capacity of the administrative team today, and ensure that capacity exists to achieve the goals of the organization.

  2. Ensure appropriate distribution of workload in the executive and administrative teams.

  3. Document process, policies, and procedures.


Community Engagement

Optimize community engagement activity.

  1. Define the purpose and function of the website within the context of other engagement activities.


Program Development

Define the future program for HALO.

  1. Consider and prioritize the opportunities for HALO to achieve its purpose on a broader scale in the next five years. This may include owning and operating its own aircraft and hangar, providing 24/7 service, staffing with its own paramedics, and service to Saskatchewan.

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