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HALO Flight

Partnering with regional stakeholders, HALO responds to a variety of calls for service each year, including; emergency medical scene calls, critical care inter-facility patient transfers, search and rescue, fire rescue, and law enforcement incidents, and all hazards disaster responses. The availability of the helicopter, strategically based in Medicine Hat, improves the response time to critically ill or injured patients in remote and inaccessible areas and increases our capacity for delivering qualitative medical care and rescue services.

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EMS Scene Calls

Working closely with Alberta Health Services EMS, HALO responds to emergency scene calls across Southern Alberta.

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Inter-Facility Patient Transfers

HALO responds to calls for service for critical care patient transfers between hospital facilities.


Search and Rescue

Search and rescue calls happen year-round and may consist of searching for a lost or overdue subject(s) from the air, or transporting search and rescue personnel to a remote or inaccessible area.


Fire and Rescue

Providing support to regional fire services, HALO can assist with resource repositioning, personnel and equipment transport, and aerial fire spotting.


Law Enforcement

Working closely with municipal and regional police services, HALO is available to support law enforcement in a variety of mission profiles.

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All-Hazards Disaster Response

HALO supports communities when disaster strikes by providing aerial reconnaissance and situational awareness reporting for floods, wildfires, train derailments, tornadoes, etc. HALO can also provide evacuation support to transport people out of harms way.

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