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Dale Thacker

Chair, Board of Directors

my Story.

Dale Thacker joined the HALO Air Ambulance Board of Directors in 2007.  In addition to joining the Executive Committee as Chair in 2019, Dale serves on HALO’s Governance and Fund Development Committees.


Dale was born and raised in the Bow Island, Alberta area, where he has lived and farmed his entire life. After graduating from high school, Dale went to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology where he completed an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer program. With an engineering diploma complete, Dale’s interest in aviation took off, he completed his private pilot’s license in 1976 and converted from fixed-wing aircraft to helicopters in 1999.


Passionate about aviation and knowing that farming is a dangerous occupation, which by its nature requires people to work remotely in difficult-to-reach areas, often alone, and hours from emergency medical care, Dale quickly realized how valuable helicopters can be in an emergency, so in 2003, Dale invested in a helicopter company based in Bow Island. Rangeland Helicopters Inc. began researching the viability of a dedicated helicopter emergency medical services program in Southern Alberta. As the program developed, the ownership group at Rangeland Helicopters Inc. became aware of an organization in Medicine Hat pursuing the same dream; their combined passion and dedication resulted in HALO Air Ambulance becoming a reality in 2007. Dale sold his interest in Rangeland Helicopters Inc. in 2005 to focus on developing the HALO Air Ambulance program as a board member.


Dale owns and operates a highly successful specialty crop farm operation in the Bow Island area. Along with his two sons, they grow mint, dill, hemp, and other crops, and export them worldwide. When the farm operation isn’t keeping Dale busy, you will find him at his computer designing the next invention that will improve efficiency across his industry. Dale is a dedicated family man who spends as much of his time as he can with his wife Natalie, their children, and their grandchildren. Dale and Natalie love to golf and travel, and they are avid volunteers, each contributing thousands of hours to their community.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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