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January Donations Gratitude!

The support of the communities, businesses, and organizations that contributed in January is so appreciated!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Allen, Jette

Anonymous Donor

Auto-Star Compusystems Inc. Employees

Barber, T Jewel

Bender, Melvin

Benevity - Canadian Online Giving: Travis Enslen

Big Bend Farming Co. Ltd.

Brudey Farms Inc.

Burdett Bow Island Sugarbeet Growers

Burgess-Brown, Sharon

Burnat, Karen

Bushell, Myrna

Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Cole's Event Tent Rentals

Cypress County

Franko, Cindi

Frey, Terry

Giesbrecht, Peter

Gill, Jim & Marilyn

Gomke, Krista

Hedley, Leona & Robert

Hill, Joe

Ireland, Lisa

Iron Horse Energy Services

Irwin, Christopher

James, Isaac

Jones, Elizabeth

Kirschenman, Twyla

Liboiron, Trevor & Kristi

Lowry, Jenny

Madge, C Martin

Medicine Hat Tiger Hockey Club Ltd.

Miller, Alex

Niggli, Trudy

Ott, Wendy

Precon Manufacturing Ltd.

Promax Agronomy Services Ltd.

R.M. of Chesterfield No. 261

Reiling, Margaret

Robinson, Amanda

Sehn, Fred & Grace

Smith, Hannah

Sofas & More

Steadman, Craig

Takeda, David

Van Tryp, Paul

Volk, Andrew & Kendra

Vulcan County

Waeckerlin, Daniel

Wagner, C

Waldron, Brenda

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