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Turf to Tarmac, a HALO Charity GALA

The Third Annual Turf to Tarmac, a HALO Charity Gathering will return on September 20, 2024. Stay tuned for more details!

2023 Recap

Turf to Tarmac was a celebration of the remarkable journey HALO Air Ambulance undertakes every day, from the vast expanses of our beautiful farmlands to the urgent needs of patients requiring life-saving care in remote areas. We aimed to create an unforgettable experience, and with your presence, we did just that.

Presented by Hargrave Ranching Co., and in partnership with Earl's Kitchen + Bar, the Second Annual Turf to Tarmac featured a locally-inspired, locally-sourced, and locally-created farm-to-table multi-course feast, meticulously curated with drink pairings, allowing us to savor the flavors of our region while highlighting the importance of local agriculture. To top things off, Canadian Country Music star, Tyler Joe Miller put on a show made possible by our new artist sponsor Red Cork Ltd.

Pahl Livestock Ltd. returned as our Platinum Sponsors, capping off more than 40 partners and sponsors that make this one of the most unique events you will ever attend.

New in 2023, we added butler-serviced appetizers on the HALO Observation Deck and HALO-1 made a breathtaking landing that symbolized HALO's rapid response to emergencies.

Most importantly, through your generous contributions and unwavering support, Turf to Tarmac was an exceptionally successful fundraiser, because of you, we raised over $98,000.

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