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Awesome April Donations!

Thank you to everyone who donated in April! Every dollar counts to keep HALO 'In Flight For Your Life'! We appreciate you!

804897 Alberta Ltd. o/a Kona Ice of Lethbridge

Allen, Jette

Anonymous Donor

Auto-Star Compusystems Inc. Employees

Barber, T Jewel

Barva, David

Benevity - Canadian Online Giving: Colby Driedger

Benevity - Canadian Online Giving: Nicole Vayro

Benevity - Canadian Online Giving: Todd Debona

Brudey Farms Inc.

Burdett Home and School

Bushell, Myrna

Cole's Event Tent Rentals

Coulee Ridge Developments Inc.

Cypress County

Emerson, Heather

Franko, Cindi

Fritsch, Dwayne

Gas Alberta Inc. & Dry Country Gas Co-Op

Gill, Jim & Marilyn

Gomke, Krista

Good, Diane

Hill, Joe

Inspire Hot Yoga

Ireland, Lisa

Irvine & District Lions Club

Jepson, Donald

Jones, Elizabeth

Koch, Jillian

Liboiron, Trevor & Kristi

Lowry, Jenny

Meier, Patti

Miller, Alex

Musgrove, Annie E.

Niggli, Trudy

Nobert, Alain

Ott, Wendy

Pick, Dawn & Josh

Prairie Rose ATA Local #2

Promax Agronomy Services Ltd.

Raymond James Canada Foundation

Renter's Choice & Management Ltd.

Robinson, Amanda

Schneider, Tyrone & Esther

Smith, Hannah

South East Alberta Water Co-Op Ltd.

Steadman, Craig

Stickel, Terry & Sheila

TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

Volk, Andrew & Kendra

Waeckerlin, Daniel

Waldron, Brenda

Western, Earl & Kathy

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