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Awesome April Donations!

A huge thank you to all the awesome donors in the month of April! We appreciate your continued support!

Allen, Jette

Allworth, Bruce

Anonymous Donor

Babe, James & Joan

Barber, T Jewel

Brudey Farms Inc.

Bushell, Myrna & Gordon

Canadian Online Giving - Benevity

Carolan, Paul

Carr, Allison

Charnetski, Richard

Classic Cutlery AB

Cole's Event Tent Rentals

County of Newell

Cypress County

Denhollander, Vanessa

Emerson, Heather

Forbes, Dawn

Franko, Cindi L

Friedt, Kent and Cheryl

Gomke, Krista

Hanson, Joseph and Sandra

Hanson, Sean

Harthoorn, Peter

Heiland, Andrei

Hill, Joe

Husband Carlsson, Kristin

Ireland, Lisa

Jenkins, Tracey

Jesse, Megan

Jones, Elizabeth

Lalonde, Beverley

Liboiron, Trevor & Kristi

Lowry, Jenny

Macfarlane, James and Joanne

Marchand, Bev

Medicine Hat Tigers Hockey Club Ltd

Miller, Alex

Nilsson, David

Nishi, Joyce

Nishi, Kimino

Oyen Lions Club

Pick, Dawn and Josh

Redcliff Lions Club

Robinson, Amanda

Roszell, Barry

Rural Municipality of Enterprise No 142

Salmon, Denise

Schwengler, Trent

Seitz, Lauren

Smith, Hannah

South East Alberta Water Co-op Ltd

Steadman, Craig

Tiegs, Sheila

UFA Co-operative Limited

Volk, Andrew & Kendra

Waeckerlin, Daniel

Wagner, C

Webster, Dorothy

Wells, Gerald

#haloairambulance #yxh #medhat #yql #southernalberta #lethbridge #inflightforyourlife

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