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Cash Calendar

Thank you to everyone who supported the HALO Cash Calendar!

2024 Winners

Congratulations to our 2024 Winners!

Early Bird Prize


Weekly Prize

Tracy Schall, David Hildebrand, Anne Lynn Miller, William Hutchinson, Erin Bettcher, Joanne Minshull, Starbrite Colony, Tod Englehart, Marlene Bockman, Stephen long, Jayden Bexte, Alissa Funk, Dustin Ressler, Randy & Cheryl Waddle, Scott Ostenberg, Barry Dobson, Joeleen Turner, William Bradbury, Randy LeClair, Gerry Mcllmoyl, Bonnie Watson, Rosedale Colony, Trae-Lynn Peach, Dean Lerner, Sue Rollefstad, Patty Swanson, Aaron Ruff

Monthly Prize

Miles Kallenberger, Chuck Donnelly, Carolyn Geissler, Fairlane Colony, Christie Pot, Jeremy Molzan

Quarterly Prize

Declan Boyle, Jack French

Grand Prize


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