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Cash Calendar

Thank you to everyone who supported the HALO Cash Calendar!

2023 Winners

Congratulations to our 2023 Winners!

Early Bird Prize

Amanda Daku

Weekly Prize

Mark Huhn, Antonius Klauwers, Colby Toms, Sunrise Colony, Mark Wilson, Donna Swalm, Darcey Swennumson, Rosedale Colony, Ashley Marcellus, Clarton Renke, Leonard Thielen, Shamrock Colony, Leah Rousseau, Beau Bowman, Valentine Stappler, Justin Tetzlaff, Raelynn, Howe, Jenelle Byrtus, Ken Merritt, Gail Zorn, Dean Traff, Tracey Wells

Monthly Prize

Jim Kenna, Chrissy Cruikshank, Elton Christianson, Dave Schlosser, LaDonna Hammel

Quarterly Prize

Ted & Phyllis Schmauder

Grand Prize

Draw Date: Winner to be determined.

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