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Paul Schaufele

I have been asked to share my story of my accident to solidify the need and necessity of HALO rescue air ambulance service in rural areas of Alberta.


For those of us living in these areas, it is important to have this service, as time is of the most importance. We live and work out of the area of the other helicopter air ambulance service.


For me and my family, this was the difference between life and death.

-Paul Schaufele

Edwin Camps

Edwin ended up with a broken neck in 4 places and a shattered jaw.


He has a long road ahead of him but if it would not have been for HALO, my husband would not be here to see his son grow up.

-Cayley Camps

AGF Reinforcing

The services provided by your organization are beneficial and necessary to our industry.

We are very grateful to know that if an accident were to happen on the jobsite, help is close by.

HALO means  the difference between life and death for our Ironworkers.

-Nathalie Dionne

  AGF Foundation Ambassador

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