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Laundry Bags for First Responders

The message below is from Annie Anderson one of our wonderful AHS Advanced Care Paramedics who organized laundry bags for First Responders.

This is what Annie sent out in every package of laundry bags:

Hello my friends!

Please accept this gift from us to you.

Inside you will find some handmade laundry bags for your frontline staff to use to put their uniforms in to take home at the end of their shifts. It means your personal vehicle will stay clean and the risk of disease transmission will be reduced.

Our EMS staff and community members from Medicine Hat, Brooks, Redcliff and the Kings Lake and Fairlane Hutterite Colonies have all come together to gather supplies, spend time cutting and sewing and packaging these gifts to distribute to our fellow frontline staff across Southern Alberta.

Please pay it forward to your community if you can think of others who might benefit from bags like these and spread the idea around. Feedback I have received from community volunteers is that so many people are grateful to find something tangible they can do to support us and they appreciate the opportunity to do so.

While all of these bags have been made and donated with love, and without expectation of return, I could not have done it without the support from HALO Air Ambulance and Kings Lake and Fairlane Hutterite colonies. With that in mind, some people have asked if they can pay for their bags. In lieu of that, if you are inclined, and with no expectation of any kind, I ask you direct any contribution you wish to make to the HALO Air Ambulance as they operate from a donation funding model.

As well, if you are inclined to spend a moment in silent meditation to just have a good thought for all of us in this fight against COVID-19. We are united around the world and as this disease spreads, it is so important to keep good thoughts in our hearts and a kind word for our brothers in arms everywhere. In a world where we can be anything, please be kind.

Have a great day.

Annie Anderson, ACP

Medicine Hat


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