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Thank you to the January Donors!

We are so grateful for everyone who continues to contribute to keep the HALO Air Ambulance program alive in Southern Alberta!! Thank you so much!!!

Allison Carr

Andrew & Kendra Volk

Annett Auction Services

Berry Creek Community Club

Billy Ramsay

Brian & Camille Bieber

Brian & Pam Moen

Burdett/Bow Island Sugar Beet Growers

Cypress County

David Nilsson

Dawn Forbes

Derek Nyman

Doris Wutzke

Forty Mile Gas Co-op

Frank & Merrilyn Fowler

Hannah Smith

Heather Emerson

Helene Dahl

Helene Dahl

James Clive

Jette Allen

Joyce Warren

K. Diane Quinlan

Karen Judge

Kathy Nixdorf

Ken & Bonnie Berg

Kenneth Forbes


Lisa Ireland

Margaret Wiebe

Melvin Bender

Mervin Cradduck

Pat's Off-Road Transport

Peeranut Visetsuth

Pembina Pipeline Corporation

Ponderosa Colony Farming

RM of Chesterfield

Robert Herring

Robertson Implements

Ross Creek Ranching Ltd.

Sarah McDonald

Sharon Burgess-Brown

Tamara Miyanaga

Todd Beck

Tom & Janine Paterson

Tricia Nelson


Wayne & Kathy Murray

Western Financial Group

Western Financial Group

Wikkerink Farms

Willow Glasier

XL Bar

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