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Thank you for the July Donations!

Thank you for the donations received during the month of July! We appreciate each and every donation!! We are grateful for our community!!!

Adapt Mobility

Allen, Jette

Anonymous Donor

Armitstead, Monika

Auto-Star Compusystems Inc. Employees

Barber, T Jewel

Beaulieu, Romeo

Beglaw, Linda

Beresh, Beverley

Bower, Linda

Brink, Helle

Brudey Farms Inc.

Burgess, Michael

Bushell, Myrna & Gordon

Canadian Online Giving - Benevity

Carr, Allison

Cole's Event Tent Rentals

Cypress County

Emerson, Heather

ERB Construction Ltd.

Fischer, Marvin and Margaret

Foothills Little Bow Municipal Association

Forinsco Holdings Ltd.

Franko, Cindi L

G/K Reimer Farms Corp

Giroux, Dwayne & Judy

Gomke, Krista

Heiland, Andrei

Herrmann-Stickel, Ronda

Hill, Joe

Hinch, Edith and Harry

Hoffensetz, Bonnie

Hudson, Jeremy

Ireland, Lisa

Iron Horse Energy Services

Jenkins, Tracey

Jones, Elizabeth

Karst, Garry

Kurpjuweit, Brian

Kurtz, Marlene

Liboiron, Trevor & Kristi

Linton, Jason

Lough, Ruth

Lowry, Jenny

Martin, Michelle L

McDonald, Richard & Dorothy

McMorran, Teri

MD of Willow Creek

Medicine Hat Community View Lions Club

Melnik, Ron

Milk River 4H Multi Club

Miller, Alex

Mullis, Melissa

Newell 4-H Agricultural Committee

Nilsson, David

Ott, Wendy

Pahl, Jamie

Parts & Pieces (Medicicne Hat) Inc.

Pat's Off-Road Transport Ltd

Pick, Dawn and Josh

Pick, Debbie & Randy

Rasmussen, Shirley

Renewable Energy Systems Canada Inc

Reschke, Jeanette

Rich, Joanne

Riddell, Guy

Robinson, Amanda

Scarff, Bernice

Schlosser, Pearl

Schwengler, Trent

Smith, Hannah

St. Mary River Irrigation District

St. Michael's School

Steadman, Craig

Thacker, Jerry

The McCain Foundation

TransCanada Pipelines Limited

Unlimited Characters

Unser, Raymond & Melanie

Vanderloh, Tammy

Volk, Andrew & Kendra

Waeckerlin, Daniel

Wagner, C

Wendt, Wayne and Myna

Williams, James

Zubrecki, Rosa & Tracy

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