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Testimonial of Ben Finlayson

The Mailman brought us this letter today. This why all of us at HALO do what we do! We are "In Flight For Your Life"!

April 9, 2020

My Dearest Halo Friends,

My name is Ben Finlayson and I was involved in an MVC on November 13, 2019 just south of the Town of Vauxhall. I do not recall the day or the accident as my memory will not allow me to remember. I know my Wife; Suzanne was very grateful of your Professional service and conduct and I cannot thank you enough for helping me have more precious time with my young family. As far as I’m concerned, I am getting bonus time with my family because of you. Suzanne told me one of the attending was a wonderful women named Annie. Annie, from the bottom of my heart and being, God Bless you and everyone on the call with you. With all that you do, only a select few can show the courage and compassion to do so. For that, you will always be my Heroes.

Me, I’m coming along. My leg has been reconstructed and I’m doing my best to walk again. My head injury seems to be progressing; only had some issues with vertigo but it’s minor and the Neurologist has been stratified with my progress. Hopefully, someday soon I can return to normal daily life. My Son has been so excited to go outside and play catch again wit his Dad, although limited mobility I have right now. My Daughter still wants her Dad to tuck her into bed at night. These are beautiful things you have made possible for me again and I will be forever grateful.

I have always supported Air Ambulance and always will. It is a necessary service the Province needs and the number of lives you save are uncountable. People spend too much time obsessed with Super Heroes and Marvel Films when all they have to do is visit a Halo Hanger or Hospital or Police station or any response unit. Don’t ever think you are not appreciated. Go to sleep at night and know you have affected people’s lives in a positive fashion and given them a gift there is no replacement for. Forever in my heart, Thank you so much.


Ben Finlayson

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