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Ross Murray Testimonial

Thank you to Ross Murray for sharing his testimonial! HALO 1, the Bell 206, transported Ross.

Ross Murray – my story

On August 21, 2018, I suffered a stroke due to West Nile Virus. I am

one of two who have been documented to have had this extreme outcome as a result.

The days leading up to this event were filled with mystery and doctors were uncertain as to what was going on. Five days prior to this, I developed a rash that was thought to be due to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or Lyme Disease.

My helper and I were not far from the jobsite when I suffered my

stroke. I was driving my welding truck near Rolling Hills. My helper

does not usually travel to and from the job with me but saved us from a serious crash as my right leg jammed against the gas pedal. My helper kept saying ‘why don’t you let me drive?’ That’s the last thing I remember hearing. We were driving down the gravel road at 160 kilometers per hour, going in and out of ditches. He broke his foot while braking and once he got our speed down to 50 kilometers from 160, he slammed my welding truck into park. Good work!

Help was called by a quick acting co-worker and HALO was dispatched for transportation to Bassano where I was flown to Calgary Foothills Hospital. I was met by an entire Stoke team who performed a lifesaving procedure – Angioplasty.

I feel pretty lucky: I had West Nile, a stroke while driving and we

didn’t roll the truck. In fact, I am still driving the truck.

My family and I are so grateful and gladly share this remarkable series of events.

Thanks to my helper, co-workers and many thanks to HALO for their part in saving my life.

Ross Murray and family

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