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Pipeline Grazing Sponsors ‘HALO Day’ at Quonset Days!

We are so grateful to the Pipeline Grazing Coop Ltd for their support!!

This is the Quonset Days announcement:

”Quonset Days was excited to announce that we would be adding a THIRD day to our fundraiser thanks to a partnership with HALO Air Ambulance. We now have an additional announcement regarding this day...

Pipeline Grazing Co-op Ltd. has very generously stepped up to become our next major sponsor of Quonset Days and the 2021 Title Sponsor for Thursday, July 22!

Pipeline Grazing Co-op is a rancher owned and operated livestock grazing lease located west of Redcliff. Together, the 18 members of this co-op practice fantastic environmental stewardship and responsible grazing. Their hospitality through the success of their organization can be seen throughout the community.

Quonset Days is beyond thrilled to have them onboard for 2021 and the official title sponsor for HALO Air Ambulance Day!”

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