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October Donation Thank you!

We continue to be blessed with amazing financial support for the HALO program!! Thank you to everyone who contributed; either through the monthly donations, memorial donations, or one time donations! We appreciate you!!!

Allen, Gail

Allen, Jette

Anonymous Donor

Auto-Star Compusystems Inc. Employees

Barber, T Jewel

Bernemann, Jennie

Berry Creek Agricultural Society

Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Brudey Farms Inc.

Bushell, Myrna & Gordon

Calgary Westwind Lions Club

Campbell, Renee and John

Cardston Lions Club

Carlson, Earl

Carr, Allison

Cleveland, Linda

Cole's Event Tent Rentals

Collins, Dave

Comm, Dennis & Carol

Couillard, Craig

Cowie, Rod and Deborah

Cypress County

Dahl, Helene

Denhollander, Vanessa

Dowler, Maureen and John

Emerson, Heather

Enns, Wilma

F.K. Morrow Foundation

Federated Cooperatives Ltd.

Fischer, Marvin and Margaret

Forbes, Dawn

Franko, Cindi L

Fraternal Order of Eagles Aaerie 2100 Lethbridge

Gomke, Krista

Haugan, Mary

Heiland, Andrei

Hilda and Community Association

Hill, Joe

Hof, Henricus

Hogg, James & Teresa

IPC Canada

Ireland, Lisa

Jenkins, Tracey

Jones, Elizabeth

Karwandy, Thad & Lori

Kost Fire Safety

KPMG Foundation

Lewis, Tamara

Liboiron, Trevor & Kristi

Logan, Linda

Lowry, Jenny

Mayer, Michele

McDonald, Sarah

Medicine Hat Regional Safety Committee

Medicine Hat Tigers Hockey Club Ltd


Miller, Alex

Moses, Roger

Neubauer, Mark

Nilsson, David

Ott, Wendy

Pat's Off-Road Transport Ltd

PrairieHome Colony Farming Ltd

Rath, Blair

Redcliff Lions Club

Richardson's Jewellery

Robinson, Amanda

Roth, Laverne & Rita

Schwengler, Trent

Seven Persons Volunteer Fire Dept

Shamrock Colony Farming Co. Ltd.

Smith, Hannah

Southern Alberta Trail Riders Assoc.

Southland Volkswagen

St. Mary River Irrigation District

Steadman, Craig

Stephenson, Eric

Stuber, Joyce

Taber Exhibition Association Building Fund

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Thorson, Ronald

Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc.

Volk, Andrew & Kendra

Waeckerlin, Daniel

Wagner, C.

Wendt, Wayne and Myna

Wolgen Strojwas, Angela

Wutzke, Doris

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