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Medicine Hat & District 4-H Clubs Raise Money For HALO!

Thank you Medicine Hat & District 4-H for raising $24235 for HALO!!!

Each year one club from the Med Hat 4-H District proudly cares for an animal donated by a local cattle producer that is auctioned off to raise funds for a local charity during our 4-H sale.

Last fall, HALO was generously donated by Neubauer Farms and has been cared for by the Generations of Tomorrow Club! HALO, was cared for by GOT club member Waylan Watson, weighed in at 1550 lbs on sale day. Thank you Neubauer Farms, GOT 4-H club and Waylon Watson!

Thank you to the donations from local businesses who cover several aspects of getting the steer to sale day.

Grain ration - Shur-gain Dunmore (Trouw Nutrition Canada )

Silage ration - Watson Cattle

Insurance - Big West Electrical

2 Mineral tubs - South Country Co-op Agro

Thank you to the following buyers:

- Curtis Deering (donated back)

- Med Hat Feeding Co (donated back)

- Drowning Ford Grazing Assoc (donated back)

- Sun City Ford (donated back)

- Drowning Ford Grazing Assoc (donated back)

- EBT Accountants / Todd Beck (donated back)

- Matt Zuboch (took the steer)

There were also donations of $1000 from the following:

- Murray Chev Cadillac, Medicine Hat

- Sun City Ford

- Battle Creek Angus

Thank you everyone!! Our HALO hearts are full!


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