HALO Is Growing!

HALO is growing and we are recruiting Volunteer Committee Members and Volunteer Board Members.

We are looking for two board members who possesses the following:

- Business background/acumen

- Professional

- Excellent interpersonal skills

- Teamwork and Team Management

- Leadership background

- Willing to commit to a three year term

- Commit to attending minimum two meetings per month

- Willingness to sit on committee’s

- Financial, legal or medical background would be beneficial but not necessary

- Previous board experience would be beneficial

- Fundraising experience

- Collaborative

- Open minded

- Forward thinking

- Passionate about HALO

- Stewardship

We are recruiting committee members who possess the following:

- Excellent interpersonal skills

- Previous committee experience would be beneficial

- Collaborative

- Open minded

- Passionate about HALO

- Previous fundraising or PR experience

If you are interested in either of these positions, please send a resume and cover letter to info@halorescue.ca. In your subject line, indicate either board member or committee member application.

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