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HALO Announcement

HALO Air Ambulance; Response to COVID-19


Medicine Hat, Alberta (March 20, 2020)

To our valued Partners, Communities and Supporters;

During this unprecedented health emergency, the safety and well-being of our Donors, Staff, Volunteers, Board Members, Partners and the Communities we serve are our number one priority. Of course, we also remain committed to our patient-first philosophy. The HALO Air Ambulance Board of Directors are dedicated to keeping HALO in the air despite the challenges we are currently facing.

It is imperative that we do our part to flatten the curve and help everyone on the frontlines get ahead of this virus. HALO has adopted several precautions in the hopes these measures contribute to winning this fight. Effective March 17, 2020;

• all HALO Board Meetings are now virtual, our work must continue but it must continue safely,

• we have temporarily restricted access to our office - the health and safety of our staff is always a priority,

• we have postponed our 2020 AGM,

• we have developed a framework to allow us to react quickly to changing events and empowered our staff to make decisions about upcoming HALO Fundraisers and Events,

• we have implemented additional infection control procedures at the hangar and restricted access to our Flight Crews and helicopters.

Today we are taking an additional step. Effective immediately, members of the HALO team will not be able to attend any public relations or fundraising events. It is critical we do everything we can to maintain the health and safety of our team and limit the spread of the virus.

“This was one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make. We have always made every effort to be part of our communities, but we want to do our part and we do not feel comfortable attending live events where social distancing may not be possible.” Dale Thacker, HALO Air Ambulance Co-Chair.

We are constantly humbled, and forever grateful, for the unwavering support we have received since the very beginning. We need that support now more than ever. HALO’s need to fundraise has not changed.

We continue to rely on your annual support to keep our program in the air. The economic impact of this crisis continues to ripple out, and that includes the effect that it will have on some people’s ability to give. If you find yourself in a position to support us during this time, please reach out.

We, like many of you, are trying to grasp what this means for the future. For now, we must proceed in a safe and productive manner without endangering HALO Operations including our Pilots, AHS Air Medical Crews, Volunteers, Board Members, Patients and Dedicated Supporters. Please forgive these restrictions as we navigate these uncharted waters and we can’t wait until its safe to see you all again.

HALO Air Ambulance is Southern Alberta’s only dedicated medivac helicopter. Visit

For more information:

Paul Carolan

HALO Air Ambulance


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