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Farmers for HALO!

Farmers for HALO launching November 7th!

Western Tractor Statement:

Western Tractor is excited and proud to be a part of Southern Alberta’s communities!

We know how valuable HALO is to all the communities in which we live and work and know first hand how many lives they have saved in Southern Alberta.

We have had a strong partnership with HALO over the past several years and we now want to double down on our commitment with some new partnership opportunities.

Our family at Western Tractor has explored, researched, and agreed that HALO is the group that we need to be aligned with as they support every single person who lives here.

What we have done is made our new HALO alliance a mission of commitment and support that will have long term commitment from our team.

These initiatives are as follows:

Farmers for HALO – A joint venture between Western Tractor and Southern Alberta farmers. - We are launching a campaign drive on starting November 7th at all Western Tractor locations to raise funds for HALO. This campaign will run right through until January 31st. - Anyone can make donations directly at our point of sales counters in store and online. - We have an overall goal to raise $50,000. - Western Tractor will also be launching a employee matching program with up to $10,000 for every staff member that donates to HALO during this campaign for a total of $20,000

HALO Grow project – Western Tractor is stepping up and making a significant investment into the HALO grow project for 2020. Western Tractor will be donating a full equipment fleet to this project from seeding to harvest, and staff hours, along with precision ag and agronomy services from our Precision Ag and Fieldsmart team throughout the growing season.

Western Tractor will also Include HALO in all major Western Tractor events and initiatives including Western Tractor days to create additional opportunities for HALO to raise donations and their profile across Southern Alberta

Western Tractor remains committed to this partnership and we remain deeply rooted in our communities.

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