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Berry Creek Community Club Supports HALO!

A big thank you to the Berry Creek Community Club, of Cessford for their generous donation of $11,275.12!! Here is the background on the donation!

“The Berry Creek Community Club was an organization that was started back in 1938. A new hall was built in 1962 with a kitchen being added in 1967, followed by the east addition in 1976. Throughout the years dances, bingo's, community suppers, weddings, funerals, graduations, dinner theatres and many more events have been held in the hall. With times changing the community club was struggling to keep the doors open and the bills paid. When some major damage was done to the hall, it proved too much for the committee to try and keep the doors open. The difficult decision was made to shut the hall and sell the buildings, land and contents. During one of our last meetings the club voted that the profits from such sale would go to HALO, which in turn would help the community that this club spent its entire existence doing. The Committee consists of President Richard Williams, Vice President Lowell Kading and members Vione Kading, Earl Kading, Edie Newton, Dean Newton, Grace Andrus and Secretary/Treasurer Lila Bird. The club was also fortunate enough to have several community members that did not want to be part of a committee, but gladly assisted us with the various activities. A garage sale was held, and items that did not sell were taken to Annette Auction in Brooks. The sale of those items totaled $261.00. All auction fees were paid by the club. After the sale of the hall and all the bills were paid an additional $11,014.12 was added to the previous total for a grand total of $11,275.12, the amount donated to HALO!”

Thank you again!!!!

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