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HALO launches within 15 minutes and responds quickly and effectively to scene calls within our service area.


Resource Positioning

Launching out of Medicine Hat allows HALO to fly directly to a scene call and then carry on to any Calgary hospital on a single tank of fuel.  Patients get the care they need expediently!


Inter-Facility Transfer

HALO is the best choice for patient transfers from Medicine Hat to Calgary, flying

at an average ground speed of 250 km/h.


Flight Crews

HALO-1 is crewed by two pilots and on-duty Alberta Health Services EMS Advanced Life Support Paramedics. 

HALO2 In Flight (Siren's Opening).jpg

Search and Rescue

HALO has often been called upon to assist in search and rescue missions.  We work closely with regional fire and emergency services, search and rescue, the Medicine Hat Police Service, and the RCMP.

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